Winter expedition to the North Cape

Become spellbound by the Northern Lights. Prepare for a journey into the unforgetable arctic. Visit the northernmost of continental Europe - visit the North Cape. 

Winter at North Cape

The Arctic winter is full of beauty and excitement. Endless white plains, blue skies and a raging, upset ocean. Polar night and shimmering northern lights. This is the closest you will get to the forces of nature. If you want to experience the Arctic winter - visit the North Cape.


The sun disappears

The sun disappears in November, but there is still light. A few hours of daylight as your convoy is traveling towards Nordkapp. Perhaps streaks of sunlight on the horizon. And then a mighty cliff plunging into the Arctic Ocean. This is the  perfect place to see the northern lights dancing across the sky.


Northern lights

During clear winter nights, the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – transforms the skies into a colourful, overdimensioned monitor, where energy-rich, electrically charged sun particles crash into the earth’s magnetic field and fills the sky with green and reedviolet cascades – a magically moment!

Adventures for life

Standing on the far edge of northern Europe, on a steep mountain plateau. Watching the never ending horizon. Knowing that this is as far as you can go, this is Nordkapp. Knowing that the journey has been unforgettable. Welcome to the top of the world!


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