North Cape

North Cape rises a proud and mighty 308 meters above the Barents Sea. North Cape is the last point before the sea ice in the north. The steep and characteristic cliff is Europe’s northernmost point. Here nature experiences are waiting for you the whole year round.

North Cape is and always has been a goal for adventurers. The Italian priest Francesco Negri who visited us in 1664 was the first one that we know of. North Cape is a meeting place for people from all over the world. For all of them the dream is the same, to let the eyes dwell over the endless horizon to the north and to know that now they have reached their goal.
It is balm for soul and mind to hear the sound of the great powers of nature and feel the silence that rests over the landscape all the way to the north. Regardless of language and culture, here at North Cape, we stand side by side to experience the greatness and beauty of nature.
Whether you wish to experience North Cape in the radiant Midnight Sun or the flaming Northern Lights is up to you. We recommend both.

North Cape has always been an important point of orientation for sailors in the northern areas.

In 1553 an English expedition of three ships under the command of Sir Hugh Willoughby left London. The expedition had the task to find the North East passage to China. In a storm the ships were parted and the “Edward Bonaventura”, under the command of captain Richard Chancellor, passed an enormous cliff in August of that year. At that time this cliff was known as Knyskanes (steep cliff). He named it North Cape by which it has been known ever since.

Life around the North Cape is fascinating. People have lived here for more than 10.000 years. Now there is a population of 3300 in permanent settlements here on Magerøya. You may be curious to know what life is like here so far north during the “dark” time, Midnight Sun, storm and silence. Join us on an adventure and experience life at North Cape! We are here for you the whole year round -we wish you welcome.


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