Do you want an experience of a lifetime? Try a North Cape tour during the winter!

 First rule first: Remember that everything may be canselled due to weather conditions.

Knowing this the experience of travelling in northern Norway in the winter makes it more fun and special to reach your destinations.

Winter at North Cape

Visiting North Cape in the summer is something that several thousands of travellers do, but seeing this part of the world in the winter might even be a mightier experience, given you even gets all the way out to the very north point of our beautiful island. Bad weather may close down roads for several hours, and all we can do is to wait for it to clear up. The road to North Cape is in a special state in the winter. Being officially winter closed, but operated by convoy driving, you may never drive on your own this rough part in the winter. More information about convoy driving follows. Meeting point for the convoy is in the Skarsvåg intersection, approx. 15 km from the North Cape. All cars and busses are allowed in both convoys, but preferably the individual busses and private cars should join the first one.

Convoys winter season 2019-2020 

From the Skarsvåg intersection to North Cape Return from North Cape
11:00 - Private cars and buses 13:00
12:00 - Hurtigruten buses and the public bus 13:45
19:30 - Aurora Convoy (private cars and busses) 21:45 Aurora convoy

If you don’t feel comfortable driving in winter conditions, your car is not fit for the tour or you don’t have you own car, the scheduled bus is a good option for the tour.

Bus from Honningsvåg to North Cape departs from the harbour at 11:30 all weekdays. Book your ticket here: For more information about getting to North Cape please contact the tourist information in Honningsvåg at phone number (+47) 78 47 70 30 or at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Driving in a convoy

When driving in Norway in the wintertime it may occur that you have to drive in a convoy, this means that a snow plow drives in front of a convoy of cars.

Beware that the driver of the plow is in charge of the convoy and may refuse vehicles to follow if they are not properly equipped for the tour. The general rule is that there should not be more people in the convoy than what the rescuers can save.

As for the Nordkapp road, there is always winter convoy for the last 13 km of the road. The road is very exposed to bad weather and, because of security reasons, villages are more important and the Nordkapp road is the first to close due to bad weather. Keep this in mind and preferably have a day or two extra when travelling these areas.

Before a convoy, please check this:

  • Be sure to have enough fuel
  • Keep flashlight, shovel and tow rope easy accessible
  • It is vice to bring warm drinks and some food.
  • Bring warm clothes and shoes, the best is to wear the clothing and keep the car cold.
  • To avoid icing on the windows keep the car cold and use cold air, not warm, on the windows.
  • Use emergency lights.
  • Use fog light if your car is equipped with this.
  • Keep eye on the car in front.
  • Keep steady speed and follow the convoy.
  • Do not stop your car or try to turn around, again, follow the convoy.
  • If you do have to stop or the convoy stops never leave your car. This may be fatal.
  • Behind the convoy there will always be another snow plow or safety car. The driver of the front and rear car keeps contact during the convoy and the front car may stop occasionally to check if all cars are still along.

Remember never to stop or, in case of a traffical stop, never to leave your car.

Good luck!